Thanks and Welcome to Dealing with  Pain.

First of all I want to welcome all of you to my site.  Thanks for stopping by.

This site was designed and started to allow all those like myself, that suffer from some kind of chronic physical pain.  We don’t want to limit it to one type of pain, it’s for all who suffer from some sort of pain.  My wife says I cause her a pain in the, you know what, since we have been married nearly 30 years, that would qualify as chronic pain.

I suffer from back pain, mostly lower back pain, so I am happy to listen and pass on any information I may have concerning back pain.

We will discuss all things painful and perhaps this will help us to understand and better deal with the pain in our lives.  Pain relief methods and techniques would be a good subject to discuss.  I have some that have helped me and can’t wait to share them with all of you.

I want to try keeping this Welcome page fairly short but if you want to learn more about me and what I do, you can click here to see my main site.  There I have all my blogs, videos, writings and other content for the whole world to see.  Find it here at strangeideasonline.com


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